About us

Our values

Les Fleuristes makes bouquets and flower arrangements according to the seasons, the colours of your choice and the message you want to give, to embellish every moment of your life.

Our knowhow

Like any craftsman, our business is above all a passion. We want to send a message through our creations. According to our inspiration and the seasons, we work flowers and conceive in an artisanal way, combining modernity, nature and respect of the flowers, in order to ensure highly quality products.

Local operation

We work with the finest varieties of flowers from the Island. Our flowers are 80% local for bouquets inspired by the tropical feeling and simple and ephemeral beauty typical of New Caledonia.


Because New Caledonia does not offer us a high variety and quantity of flowers, our business is constantly evolving. This is why every day we find new ideas in order to offer different and original arrangements. To do so, we constantly renew our collections of flowers while respecting nature and its whim.


Born into a family of artisans, Peggy developed a passion for nature and flowers from childhood. She began her experience as florist at the age of 17 after obtaining a CAP Diploma and started an internship in two different flower boutiques  «Loiseau Fleurs » and « Au Fin Pollen » .

After obtaining her diploma, she decided to go to the French Riviera where she worked for 4 years with Madame Marie - Noëlle Auzely, an international flower specialist trainer, and thus, rubbed elbows with some best florists in France and other great master florists. Then, she got the opportunity to become a teacher of floral art at the CFA Paul Langevin at Seyne-sur-Mer, Var (South of France).

After several interesting educational projects (decoration of the French Senate, training in Africa), her desire to travel took her a few years later to New Caledonia, where she formed with Philippe her associate, their Flower Boutique in Noumea : Les Fleuristes.

Our history

Les Fleuristes started its activity in 2007 in an old colonial house in the heart of the Quartier Latin in Noumea.
In April 2012, Les Fleuristes moved to a new design store with more contemporary style in the same area. Peggy and her team welcome you every day to offer you original floral creations to please your senses.