Delivery Information

Where do we deliver?

We accept orders from all over the world to deliver in  Noumea area in New Caledonia : Noumea, Dumbea, Mont-Dore and Paita.

During holidays and special days such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc., we can only ship in Noumea.

Delivery Terms

We make our own deliveries.

If your delivery is for a particular event, please indicate it in your order in the comments section. Also indicate the date, time and delivery instructions so we can respond better to your request.

Example: Please deliver to the Church Saint John the Baptist for the marriage of Miss X and Mr Y which will be held September 15 at 14: 00.


For any delivery, a period of 48H is necessary. We deliver Monday to Saturday from 9 h to 18 h 30. We do not delivery on Sunday or special days such as Valentine's day, mother's day, Christmas, etc.

Please note different delivery time for jewelry is nessesary.

If you have a specific time of delivery please indicate it in the comments section.

Example: before 6 p.m. or between 14 h and 17 h

Make sure you that the recipient will be available at the place of delivery during our visit.

Express delivery
If you want an express delivery or our delivery times do not suit you, please contact us by phone only on + 687 28 90 60.


Nouméa 1
Delivery only in
-NOUMEA CENTER (Areas : Centre Ville, Quartier Latin, Vallée du génie, Nouville, Artillerie, Vallée des colons, Faubourg Blanchot)
-NOUMEA SOUTH (Areas : Orphelinat, Receiving, Motor Pool, N'Géa, Trianon, Val Plaisance, Anse Vata, Baie des citrons)
-NOUMEA NORTH (Areas : Vallée du Tir, Doniambo, Montagne coupée, Montravel)
-MAGENTA (Areas : Magenta / Haut-Magenta / Aérodrome / Portes de Fer / Ouémo / 4ème km)
Price : 600 XFP

Noumea 2
Delivery only in the areas of Ducos, 6ème km, 7ème km, Normandie, Tina, Saint-Quentin, Rivière Salée.
Price: 850 XFP

Delivery only in the areas of Cœur de Ville, Koutio, Auteuil, Dumbéa-sur-mer.
Price: 1500 XFP

Mont Dore
Delivery only in the areas of Boulari, La Conception, Mont Dore Sud, Pont des Français, Robinson, Yahoué, Vallon Dore.
Price: 1800 XFP

Price: 3000 XFP


To avoid delays on your deliveries please respect our deadlines and enter the recipient information correctly in the order form, the telephone number, the name, address of your recipient, as well as any other information allowing us to improve our delivery, like building name and number, digital code, floor, company name, department, etc...)

We are not responsible for the delivery in case of missing recipient information, strikes and bad weather conditions.